Keynote: Magical UX and the Internet of Things JOSH CLARK

Sharing a rich trove of examples, designer and author Josh Clark explores the new experiences that are possible when ANYTHING can be an interface. Designing for the internet of things means blessing everyday objects, places, even people with extraordinary abilities—requiring designers, too, to break with the ordinary. Designing for this new medium is less a challenge of technology than imagination. The digital manipulation of physical objects (and vice versa) allows us to sling content between devices, bring objects to life from a distance, and combine speech and gesture. The UX of connected devices should build on the natural physical interactions we have everyday with the world around us. The new UX must bend technology to the way we live our lives, not the reverse. Explore the values and design principles that amplify our humanity. Discover the emerging near future of wearables and the internet of things—and how you and your company fit in: Create amazing experiences by tying web APIs to physical objects, moving interaction off screen and into the world around us. Learn how commonplace technologies (the phone in your handbag, the kinect in your living room, the computer on your desk) can combine to create extraordinary new interactions. Conceive new and wonderful interactions.

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